Below find step-by-step beginners guides to the rules, betting structures and game play of all the most popular poker variations, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud.


When we look at life as a whole, we would see that we are consistently being children. Why is that? Well, we like to play different games. Actually, we play games on many levels. It is like playing monopoly with levels getting higher and higher. We obtain education which is interesting and self-growing process. We build careers and we feel blessed when we do what we really love doing. We create families and have children, which is exciting, yet, not easy process as we have to cope with many feelings and emotions and learn to deal with issues in adult sort of way. So, anyway, we like to play games all the time (whether we admit it or not).
The most important thing in poker is the initial reason to play it. Some players really like to win, others do play because they want to get more money. The next step for you, reader, will be to determine the true reasons for playing poker of your own. Simply answer the question ‘Why you play poker?’ So, let’s imagine you play poker because you like to get MONEY! Yes, it is nice to have tournament titles or chips piles, but these are so-called poker winning by-products. But it is not what you really play for. Actually, winning in poker is all about getting money!
There are some professional players and amateurs as well who consider playing poker as a sort o art or science. We agree with both of these opinions. Your own money is being put at risk, when you lay them on the table. But the only thing what matters is winning. And by winning I mean to get more money. You must finish up with bigger sum of money than you have started with. It is also OK to be motivated to play poker by your own ego instead of money. But money is always turns out to be the greatest reward. Imagine as if money was a type of energy that you invest and you are able to gain much more. Wouldn’t you be happy?
Another important aspect of poker playing is to learn to observe your opponents. They have their own reasons and motives to play poker. If your opponent is in aggressive mood today, then it is wise to get out of his confrontations. To do that, you can remind yourself your primary goal why you play poker tonight. You play poker to maximize your amount of money. While your ego may be willing to do something else, put it aside and follow the logic. You can get distracted or hurt somewhere else. Keep in mind, if you find yourself willing to play at higher bankroll or willing to confront somebody with blind-defense or blind-stealing, you are being pushed around by your ego. Play for real money and you will be satisfied.

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