Below find step-by-step beginners guides to the rules, betting structures and game play of all the most popular poker variations, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud.


ONLINE-POKER-TOURNAMENTS-TIPSYou are motivated to become the best player in are short time. We offer you to boost up your poker skills and performance by simply following our simple online poker tournaments tips. Yes you may agree that there are poker tournament tips that are good for beginners only, but we would like to offer you poker tips that should be followed by seasoned pros too.
1. Allow Yourself to fold more. You don’t have to play every single hand that comes to you. It is OK to do folds as much as you need. It is not a secret that playing too many hands may end in focus loss. Yes, you may find yourself eager to play poker so much that you are willing to stay with every hand and be a part of game action. But the practice shows that it is not worth it. Play smart. Simply upgrade your starting hand requirements.
2. Avoid Empty Bluffing. Bluffing should be smart. There is a saying ‘don’t bluff just for the bluffing sake’. There are no rules to bluffing progress. Some players tend to think they haven’t experienced a real poker game unless they bluffed. Bluff smart.
3. Play Poker in a Good Mood. General bad mood will never take you to good ratings. The unspoken rule says that if you are already in a bad mood, never play poker to make feel yourself better. It will only get worse. Deal with your negative state or emotions prior to sitting to play poker. Otherwise you may start to play emotionally meaning that you will not play your best. You may lose a big hand. Then take a break. Come back when you feel calm a little bit later on. Don’t allow other players to take advantage of your mood or senses.
4. Don’t call your hand to “to Keep Honest”. If you are not sure about the finishing hand, try to gain more information about the situation. Never show that you are beat. You don’t want to give him your money, don’t you?
5. Concentrate On Yourself and Observe Your Opponents. It is wise to observe your opponents, but you have to stay focused on yourself and your personal game style. If you know that a player bluffs or folds a lot, then use this info to decide how you should play.
6. Pay attention to Your Instincts. As you practice poker game more and more, pay close attention to your own hands and to what is going on at the table. Flush and straight possibilities are always clicks away. Pay attention to the cards people have folded too.
7. Play at Affordable Limits. Avoid to play at too high limits is wise as you are saving up a lot energy and money. There are different reasons for moving up to higher limits play, but it is good to do if you are winning consistently. There are also bad reasons to do that like line is shorter or a desire to impress somebody. If you find yourself thinking about actual money that are being earned and spent on day-to-day basis, then you are done. You are not giving yourself a chance to lose which is definitely wrong and nerve braking.
8. Choose the Right Game. You possess a certain level of skills and bankroll. If you choose to play higher limits, make sure to be ready for this level of play skills too. It is not worth feeling yourself like a stupid fish lost in a shark pond. It is also not wise to lose your bankroll just because you were not ready for higher limit game. Higher limits mean that swings of ups and down are much higher there and you must be aware of that.
9. Fold instead of staying in hand that you are already in. You may have invested money in this hand but if it is not worth it, you better fold.
10. Make sure to play poker SOBER. If you have been drinking alcohol within 24 hours of the play, the booze is still in your blood affecting your decision making. Yes, you may feel yourself relaxed after 2 drinks, but it will takes seconds only to get emotional. Keep that in mind.

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Every single day a number of people who play poker grow dramatically. With more players online, new poker play card rooms appear each day. Yet, it is considered to be that the online poker strategy is still in its adolescence stage. Online poker strategy tips play important role in becoming a professional player. You may feel frustrated as poker literature reading must be done. On the other hand, a better play instantly comes with more practice. But if you don’t have enough time to spend at poker literature reading, simply follow our online poker strategy play tips to improve on your game.
Our major goal was to find and to offer tips both for players who are just starting out and for experienced players too. Both of these types of players want the same thing to play better and to win more. While experienced users may skip the basics, basic poker knowledge discussions offer a line of valuable ideas important for every poker players. We like to contribute in your winning.
There is a thought that there aren’t much online poker game tips as other players don’t wish to share their success with others. Well, part of this is true. But as more players go online and develop their personal game style, they are able to share their secrets of play as they move forward. New players like to start out their poker practice in relatively safe online environments. Free online games are best examples of these safe environments. Poker players learn the game. These types of player also practice their play in casinos as well. More customers in different play rooms create more opportunities of paid advertisers making whole poker playing process profitable for everybody.
ONLINE-POKER-STRATEGY-TIPSThe general thing is that online card rooms very little differ from each other. They are actually similar in a lot of ways. The online poker game is played differently from real-life casino poker. The difference is in complete lack of visual aspects and tells when you play online. This brings online players to receive hand information directly from betting. You have to use probe bets more often when you play online. Also, online game has much more actions taken. Luck is always handy because good starting cards allow you to play more aggressively. Another important thing to remember is to play at level that you are able to afford. Of course flush beats straight when you play online.
To join online game you have simply to sign up. There are many ways to fund your online poker account through various deposit options. Before depositing real money, all poker web-sites give the option of free play. The downside of any free game is that with no deposit, there is no instructional value to the correct way of playing. But free gaming is superb for a total novice of a life experience. You can train yourself to calculate the basics and to learn the strengths of poker hands. Keep in mind that playing 0.5/ 0.10 games offer you a wide variety of useful learning tactics than free poker game does.
Another step is to build your online poker bankroll. Online poker rooms have a certain limit of how much money you are able to deposit. Another option to building your online bankroll is consistently to win and by making additional deposits. If your goals is to acquire big online bankroll you may also consider to get funds transferred from another player. Poker web-sites don’t put any restrictions on these transfers at all. When you want to cash out your bankroll, there are some cash out rules that you should know ahead.

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Vast majority of online poker writers dedicate their training poker articles or books to the tactical side of the game. Yet, a few other writers concentrate on poker strategy itself. The third group of writers tends to focus on psychological part of the game meaning the complex mental side of the poker. If you want to win at poker then you have to be ready for a long run. You can be your greatest friend in the game and on the other hand you are your own greatest enemy. There are a lot said about training personal discipline and strong attitude, developing comprehensive thought-flow and personal game planning style. You find yourself holding or dealing with greatest financial responsibility. Meaning, you may your own personal negative traits that you have to deal with on the day-to-day basis.
PSYCHOLOGY-OF-POKER-GAMEYes, there a lot of lazy playing involved in the poker game. But you are aware of the fact that every single bet is important. Your actions bring certain consequences and you have to review your own personal ‘inner’ reasons for these actions. In order to do that you can always find or explore psychological techniques and use them to make yourself better. You may find that the conventional wisdom of poker doesn’t work for you at all. It is actually wrong for you. The truth is that majority of players lose when they tend to use ‘conventional’ play style. The reason for that if you are dedicated to winning you have to develop your own game style. Listen to your personal gut feeling and simply do what you want to do!
Poker has many examples how your own game style may bring immediate and fast gratification. And you are aware of the fact that to win a pot is possible and isn’t that complicated. If you think otherwise this means that you are stuck with negative way of thinking right now. Deal with it. Never surrender to the circumstances. IT IS ONLY THE PROJECTION OF YOUR MIND!
Yes, you may put a goal towards winning poker all the time, just keep in mind that you have to do extensive work for it. Everybody wants to win that is why they may play aggressively. Keep your own fragile psyche and emotions under control. Additional physical exercising is a ‘MUST’ as it helps to take stress out of the body whether you believe it or not. Find ways to free your suppressed feelings both positive and negative as they may take away your energy (see psychological exercise guide for that). Try to see your opponents not as enemies but as the surrounding circumstances that really make poker game experience sharp and exciting for you. Actually, that is why you want to play poker to get these sharp-edged feelings of danger and winning. Accept the fact that you have to fight a lot in order to get your prizes and rewards. Earn them. Keep educating yourself by reading all appropriate poker articles and literature. Train yourself to see glass half-full instead of seeing glass half-empty. All poker players agree with this nineteenth century German philosopher, “You gotta know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em.” Best of Luck!

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