Below find step-by-step beginners guides to the rules, betting structures and game play of all the most popular poker variations, including Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud.


Today, Texas Hold em is considered to be the most popular poker online and casino game. This poker game variation is played with up to 10 people at the table. If you want to win in Texas Hold em then it is better to reinforce your bets rather than playing with an ante (read texas hold em rules). The bets reinforcement must take place before the cards are dealt. Otherwise they are called blinds. By the poker rules the player to dealer’s left places the small blind and the player to the left places the big blind. The small blind is usually have less than the big blind.
Blinds are posted and card dealing takes place face-down. Players must have 2 cards which also are known as hole cards. There two types of texas hold em known as no limit and limit. As soon as the flop is dealt, the player located on the dealer’s left is supposed to act as the first. His actions are check or bet. The game is continued with further actions of calling, checking, raising or folding accordingly.
As soon as all of the best are made, the player who possesses the best hand wins the pot. Texas Hold em standard hand ranking are in texas hold em poker hand rules.

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Online poker as well as casino poker card game has special poker hand ranking. If you find yourself confused, or unable to determine what beasts what in poker, refer to winning poker hand rankings right now.
Royal Flush – A ten to ace, 5 cards of the same suit makes a straight. It is the highest ranking in poker. As a reminder, all suits are ranked equally in poker.
Straight Flush – This means 5 cards of the same suit makes a perfect straight.
Four of a Kind – It makes 4 cards of the same rank (4 aces & 1 king). In case 2 players have the same, then the fifth highest card wins the pot.
Full House – It makes 3 same rank cards with 2 same rank cards.
Flush – It makes 5 of any same suit. Flush is determined by the highest card on the table.
Straight – It makes 5 different suits but consecutive cards (5,4,3,2, Ace is lowest straight).
Three of a Kind – It makes any 3 cards of different suits but the same rank.
Two Pair – It makes any of 2 cards of different suits but the same rank together with another 2 same rank cards.
One Pair – It makes 2 same rank cards. (2 Aces, K, Q, J).
High Card – It makes the best possible the highest card in hand. Just make sure that it doesn’t make up one of the hands mentioned above.

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poker-rules-onlinePoker as we know it can easily cause the ecstasy, the drama, the agony or the euphoria. It is no doubt that winning itself is a head spinning phenomenon that is intoxicating. On the other hand losing is painful and may hurt a lot. Poker stays one of the most played games in US and around the world. Poker rules online are almost the same as the casino card games. Poker has many game variations.
Every poker game rules of play and game strategy differ from each other. Yet, with every single variation of poker the hierarchy of winning hands stays the same and is unchangeable. The difference between casino poker rules and online poker rules is that when playing in casino, the rake amount and the limits are clearly posted in the poker area room. There are the most popular online Texas Hold’em rules, online Stud Poker rules, online 3 Card Poker rules and online Omaha Poker rules. Online poker rules allow us to check or to resolve some points or issues that may appear. Another important online poker rule says that the winner is the one who has the hand of highest value (check hand rankings). Or there is another wise saying that the player is the winner who stays in the hand while everybody else have folded.

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