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Deception is one of the most brilliant poker strategies and is poker’s important element. Think of bluffing in a manner of quintessential trick. Why would you bluff anyway? Your primary goal is to deceive other poker players and convince them you have a better hand than they do. So all you do while you use other deception techniques or bluffing must be oriented to make a presentation of yourself holding the best cards in the whole wide world. While more experienced players use bluffing wisely, more primitive poker beginners love and use bluffing all the time.

While it is good and OK to bluff in the poker game, the initial bluff does automatically increase its value if it is being done under the certain or general circumstances. These perfect for bluffing circumstances are ideal if it is intended to deal with the information about the players that has been generally assumed. When this vivid vagueness is created it gives a perfectly difficult to give definitive reasons about anyone in the game. Follow our advices given below and receive more ideas and beneficial perspectives on poker bluffing and poker deception.

1. Bluff all you want when there are little players in a pot. This general opinion can be underlined with several important factors. It is difficult to trick a whole crowd, but it is easy to trick a few people. Chances are much better for you with fewer hands in the game that has really made a reasonable hand. While it is a pretty common example, many players will not believe you. In this case, some of these people will stay in the game to see if you were honest. This means that a persistent bluff will be needed in two or three betting rounds. But it can be costly in the case if people don’t fall for it. If you want to use this type of bluff, get to know the players.

2. Fairly tight players are against you? Use Bluffing. Interesting fact about poker players is your biggest target to bluffing are players who tend to fold very easily. It is exciting when bets are put just to gather the information about your poker game opponents. Although, bluffing may put you at risk as well. Early bluffing against really tight player will put you on the spot. So buckle up and think twice before you do this again in the future rounds because the price is high if they don’t fall for it. Be smart get to know the players before you use this kind of poker bluff.

3. Being On the River. It is often smart to bluff with a week hand when you know you can’t win and it is time to throw in your cards. By saying weak hand we mean if you got the lowest pair or ace-high. Some players stay in the game just to see the pot odds. If you do the same, this is considered to be a semi-bluffing.

4. Being in late position when everybody has Checked. Gauge this situation on your own. If you decide to bluff, you have the chance to force some players out of the game, yet, strong opponents will stay. Remember, there commonly know players who stay in the game just to see the bet odds and others who love to ‘keep you honest’. This kind of bluff means you need to be persistent throughout couple and more betting rounds.

5. You missed after you bet preflop. Bluff until you can because others are not aware that you have missed! Yes, this type of bluff is dangerous. Deeply analyze the situation and evaluate the odds before you decide to get into this one.

6. Scare other players with ‘the fear’. Poker is mostly about other people perceiving you. Imagine that you have just worn a good hand and other players say ‘nice hand’. They do respect you now. They will fold when you bluff the game right. This trick is simple. Play this hand exactly the same way you did with the winning hand. This is simply Here We Go Again action.

7. Bluff when the flop sucks. There are players ho fold automatically in the position of having an overcard. A flop is 2, 6, 9 aren’t so much attractive to others. Be persistent. Get to know the players. This bluff has a chance to go ‘horribly awry’.
Abraham Lincoln once said “You can fool some of the people all the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

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Different circumstances are able to create a better game atmosphere. There are many famous and outstanding poker players. Yet, it is wise to create your own style as you are able to make edges over your opponents on your own. It is also wise to learn major poker players’ styles or special combination. But at the end of the day, it all comes to personal self-confidence and a goal to make more money.
BEING-A-LEADER-OF-YOUR-OWN-POKER-GAMEInteresting fact about poker is its unusual game turns. Thus a less professional poker player who has little poker skills may win over others and get more money. This happens due to possible better game or card selection. Also, in poker different circumstances are able to create a better game atmosphere for some players than the others. For example home poker game will include interpersonal connections or relationships, where at the casino you wouldn’t have to worry about that.
Another major important trait of every winning poker players or professional gamer is his unconditional trait to be adaptable to all kinds of situations that may happen at the table. Yes, it is important to maximize your edges in respond to any possible unexpected moments.
And to clarify my position, I just want to mention the personal traits that are important for winning in poker. They are in-depth self-confidence, clear intuition or poker instinct, high level of adaptation, little arrogance, strong logic, self-organization skills, ability to accept your own weaknesses, and much faith.

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When we look at life as a whole, we would see that we are consistently being children. Why is that? Well, we like to play different games. Actually, we play games on many levels. It is like playing monopoly with levels getting higher and higher. We obtain education which is interesting and self-growing process. We build careers and we feel blessed when we do what we really love doing. We create families and have children, which is exciting, yet, not easy process as we have to cope with many feelings and emotions and learn to deal with issues in adult sort of way. So, anyway, we like to play games all the time (whether we admit it or not).
The most important thing in poker is the initial reason to play it. Some players really like to win, others do play because they want to get more money. The next step for you, reader, will be to determine the true reasons for playing poker of your own. Simply answer the question ‘Why you play poker?’ So, let’s imagine you play poker because you like to get MONEY! Yes, it is nice to have tournament titles or chips piles, but these are so-called poker winning by-products. But it is not what you really play for. Actually, winning in poker is all about getting money!
There are some professional players and amateurs as well who consider playing poker as a sort o art or science. We agree with both of these opinions. Your own money is being put at risk, when you lay them on the table. But the only thing what matters is winning. And by winning I mean to get more money. You must finish up with bigger sum of money than you have started with. It is also OK to be motivated to play poker by your own ego instead of money. But money is always turns out to be the greatest reward. Imagine as if money was a type of energy that you invest and you are able to gain much more. Wouldn’t you be happy?
Another important aspect of poker playing is to learn to observe your opponents. They have their own reasons and motives to play poker. If your opponent is in aggressive mood today, then it is wise to get out of his confrontations. To do that, you can remind yourself your primary goal why you play poker tonight. You play poker to maximize your amount of money. While your ego may be willing to do something else, put it aside and follow the logic. You can get distracted or hurt somewhere else. Keep in mind, if you find yourself willing to play at higher bankroll or willing to confront somebody with blind-defense or blind-stealing, you are being pushed around by your ego. Play for real money and you will be satisfied.

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